The Photographer

Charles Haspels Tuliget, EthiopiaCharles E. Haspels (Chuck) (b. 1945)

  • Grand Prize, Photographic Competition, by the Ethiopian Wildlife & Natural History Society, 1976.
  • Published, for Aramark, a picture book: Mesa Verde National Park: Guided Tours, 2011.
  • Featured and sold photos at The Open Shutter Photographic Gallery, Durango, Colorado, 2011.
  • Photographer for the Archaeology Program of Jefferson County Open School, Littleton, Colorado.
    2008 to present.

Four Corners Photographer

Charles Haspels lives in the Four Corners, a part of the United States famous for its adventure and photographic opportunities.  He recommends the following National Geographic website as an excellent source of information, dedicated to the culture, archaeological sites, and places that make Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah so very special.

Statement from the Photographer

“There is order, beauty,  a power,  in the world that surrounds us.  The quest to discover, to explore, to connect with this world is a spiritual experience.    An emotion moves through my eye, my consciousness, my camera to the captured image.  A moment in time preserved.  A communication with the Creator of the universe.  I feel awe within me.”


Additional Information about the Photographer

  • 14 years of childhood/youth lived in Ethiopia and Egypt.
  • High school science teacher for 11 years–9 years in International American schools in  S. Korea and Ethiopia.
  • Dentist in Cortez, Colorado, for 23 years.
  • Retired in 2008 to enjoy life long interests in nature, photography, bird-watching, old cars and jeeps, archaeology, travel.